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Risk Management

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Risk management

Risks are inherent in all projects and in all businesses. As professionals the fees we earn are the rewards for protecting those professional risks for our clients.

Risk management is a culture not an event. Effective risk management should be part of day to day business management - never a panic reaction to some unwelcome event. Towergate Professional Indemnity take a proactive and positive approach to mitigating risks within our clients business. We seek to work with our clients to help manage risk within the firms and help form a better business and culture.

For some clients we can provide in-house training on how to de-risk your business by providing workshops for key members of staff and managers. This involves working to understand specific types of risk the business faces and how to manage or transfer this risk away.

We have developed a series of risk management templates for different professions, designed to focus on key issues to assist you in the running of your practice.

We also produce a quarterly briefing document which contains information for specific industries and addresses up to date risks which businesses face. If you would like to sign up to receive our briefing please complete the following form.